California School of Culinary Arts. Called in to manage a project turnaround. Communications between Client and Builder had broken down completely. Both parties were positioning for lawsuits.
Located in downtown Pasadena this 30k sq. ft. 3 story steel frame building was gutted and being re built for the tenant. The 1st 2 floors were food preparation and commercial cooking labs complete with stainless hoods and fire systems (each kitchen lab unit was about 2k sf). Third floor was administration and library. When finished, the structure had an attached 5 star restaurant and adjoining Café.
Footings were still being poured as I came on site. Client/tenant was 1year into the project using temporary and modular facilities, leasing parking and bussing students. Owner/Builder/ GC had very low budget subs and problems w/ building department.
In 2 weeks I detailed a project schedule for completion and met with all parties. Got individual work schedule commitments from each Sub Contractor, the GC, site project manager and client. Met with city officials, reviewed past and present problems and assured them that the client would be taking an active part in Site Management, Quality Control and Site Safety issues.
I ran the project for 3 months then turned it over to a site supervisor, who completed the project in 3 months. This was the first authorized Cordon Bleu cooking school in the United States. Total project cost was $25mil.

561 E Green Street

Pasadena, CA

30,000 sf school,

administration offices,

library, 8 commercial

cooking labs,

1 lab for TV/Video work;

Cordon Bleu Restaurant & Cafe.

Completed in 2000.