University Medical Products

University Medical Products. As an outside consultant I was called to review this new 66k sq. ft. corporate headquarters w/6,600sq.ft. of office space. Site work had been finished and the project was just entering its construction phase. The general contractor had been signed up for 1 year and was submitting price increases every 3 months, to $6.3 mil. and still climbing. After 2 weeks of review and preparation, I met w/Owners & Contractor, and presented them over $500k worth of cost savings on bids. Revised and upgraded roof spec from conventional rolled roof to a Thermal Plastic system w/insulation & saved $50k. Identified cost overruns and created a general atmosphere of value engineering for the Contractor to follow. Discovered overlooked items, janitor’s bathroom, president’s office finish details, site furnishing. Negotiated with GC to include them in the original contract. Base budget was held to $5.3mil.